Striped Shirts With Patterns
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Striped Shirts With Patterns

Striped tees are fun to shop for, but striped shirts with fun polka dot designs are just as fun to wear. If you’re thinking of a striped shirt for Christmas, a striped shirt with a whimsical design is the way to go. A striped shirt with a kitty design would be super cute for a baby gift. Polka dots can be fun as well, especially when you go with color block patterns or a striped sweater that mimics the hue of the rainbow. Since the striped shirt is probably already a staple piece that everyone has in their wardrobe (if not, get plenty of shopping revues, ahead of time), rounded it up here 25 different ways to wear it.

A French striped shirt is flattering on just about everyone, even if the person is of Irish decent. You can find both plain and print styles in various neutrals that will work with any fabric. For example, you can team a white or cream silk shirt with a tweed skirt for a casual lunch on the beach. For a slightly smarter look, a silk shirt in a solid color such as chocolate brown with a shawl would work well with a linen skirt for an evening out. Pair a red paisley print dress with a pale blue paisley skirt for a fun and festive look, or add a graphic tee and some skinny jeans for a more urban and hipster fashion look.

Striped ties are another staple accessory and can really set a casual tie together. A simple solid-colored tie, with or without pattern, can be worn with almost anything. You can also change up the tie by wearing a contrasting necktie, so if you’re wearing a striped shirt, you could wear a striped tie. For a fancier look, try wearing a striped tie with a contrasting stripe in the form of an animal print, or in the shape of a heart.

When it comes to accessories, the striped shirt and tie are probably one of the most versatile pairings for both men and ladies. You can wear them with almost any kind of garment and for a variety of occasions. You can pair a solid striped shirt with a delirium vest for a night out at the pub, or with a tweed jacket and leather boots for a fancy dinner date on the town. You can even pair a striped t-shirt with a plaid skirt for a very informal and laid back lunch date with friends.

If you prefer your striped shirt with lighter colors, then you’ll want to keep that in mind when you pick out your accessories. Although the patterns for shirts with diamonds and other gems may seem to call for bolder colors, they can still work with just about any fabric and any pattern. If you are wearing a solid plaid shirt, for example, then pairing it with a cream or off-white blouse is a good way to keep the stripes from becoming too bold. You can also go a step further and pair your striped shirt with a striped tie. Again, you’re not required to go all out with this look. A basic white-creme colored shirt looks great with pale blue striped ties, for example, so choose your trips wisely.

Once you have decided what you want your shirt to do, then it is time to think about the type of clothing you are going to wear with it. If you are planning on wearing a tie with your striped shirt, then you will probably want to pair it with a dark shade of wool. If you are planning on wearing a blazer or jackets, then you will need to find a light hue of cloth that will complement your patterned jacket. You might also consider buying a scarf to keep you warm when you are wearing your patterned shirt with matching trousers. It’s all about finding the right combination of patterns and fabrics to make your outfit pop.

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