Tips For Wearing a Button Down Men Shirts
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Tips For Wearing a Button Down Men Shirts

Button Down Men Shirts has been around for a very long time and every guy who wears one wants to be seen sporting one. It used to be that this type of shirt was reserved for the military or for those guys that were in the construction trade. However, with the rise of popularity of casual dress and the more relaxed dress codes that we have all undergone in recent years, wearing a button down shirt is now perfectly acceptable. More importantly, it has come back into style and is actually one of the most dressed down pieces of clothing that you can find. There are so many great looking button down shirts that there is not much reason to not wear one if you get the chance.

The traditional button down shirt collar is made up of three buttons: one on top, one below and one right below the neckline. If you have never owned a shirt that has a button down collar, you are definitely missing out. Button down collars have been around since the beginning of the shirt. In fact, they were originally created as an alternative to the much stiffer collars that were favored in the past.

Before you get excited and think that button down shirts are not something that you would ever want to sport, let me explain why. Button down collars give you a very casual look that is very attractive. On top of that, button down shirts have been known to work well with a variety of combinations. This means that you do not need to have your shirt completely buttoned up if you don’t want to. With a button down collar you can roll it up or even take it down if you choose.

It is very important that you realize the main purpose of a button down shirt; however, when it comes down to choosing whether or not to wear one, that is completely irrelevant. For instance, if you are going to be wearing a button down shirt to a summer day out on the beach, you are going to want to make sure that it has a light color and does not have any prints or embroidery. If you are at a baseball game and want to wear a button down shirt with a polo shirt combination, you will want to make sure that the polo shirt is solid colored and that the shirt has some type of logo on it. Regardless of what you end up wearing, it is important to choose which style you prefer and go with that.

On top of all of that, another reason why you may want to wear a button down shirt is because they are extremely comfortable. These shirts are designed to be loose fitting so that you have the utmost comfort while still keeping an impressive look. When a man is wearing a shirt like this he can look casual but still have a cool look about him. In addition, because the shirt is so comfortable, you do not have to worry about getting it ironed or pressed; therefore, you can get about your business while still looking great!

When you are wearing a shirt like this, you will find that most guys will want to wear them to formal functions as well. One of the biggest questions that most guys have is if they should wear a t-shirt with a suit or a shirt with a tuxedo. The truth is that both of these types of shirts look great when worn together. When you pair a shirt like this with a tuxedo, you create an impressive look that will have everyone in awe. However, you do want to be careful that you are not stepping out of style with your choice.

There are some things that you will want to remember when choosing a button down shirt to pair with a particular suit. For example, if you are choosing a tuxedo shirt with a nice white shirt, you will want to ensure that the shirt you choose is dark in color and has some type of logo on it. If you happen to have a black shirt, you will not want to wear a black tie with it because it will not look as impressive. Remember, the point is to look professional and at the same time you want to make sure that you are not standing out for all the wrong reasons.

Before you go out and buy a button down tuxedo shirt, you will want to consider the type of shirt that you are going to wear. If you are buying one for a professional environment such as a business meeting or a job interview, you will want to make sure that the shirt you select is professional in appearance and also one that will not show any signs of wear easily. However, if you are attending a formal night on a date with a partner, you may want to choose something that is less expensive but still impressive. You can still look great even if you have spent a little more on your shirt by taking some tips from this guide.

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