Tips For Choosing the Right Casual Shirt
Casual Shirt

Tips For Choosing the Right Casual Shirt

A casual shirt can easily be considered the foundation of any casual wardrobe. However, with the many options available today it can be very confusing as to what would constitute a great casual shirt. While dress code rules are becoming increasingly less strict, you still need to dress appropriately in order to be fully comfortable in your environment. Understanding the key features that distinguish a casual shirt from a professional dress shirt can help you easily select the proper shirt for each occasion.

The first thing that sets casual shirts apart from other kinds of dress is their loose fit. A buttoned up casual shirt can be easily pulled down over your head and still retain its shape. On the other hand, most professional wear shirts tend to be made up of stiff fabrics that don’t allow for easy pulling down. It’s also more common to see business casual shirts worn untucked, as this presents the least amount of problems with covering the head.

One reason that casual shirts are easier to wear untucked is because they’re so widely worn. This means that there is a wide variety of styles out there, all of which can be worn on casual occasions. You may even have casual shirts that you never wear in a formal setting. For example, if you run a small business and you often meet with clients and prospects without having to dress up in a suit, then you probably have a few casual shirts that you never wear in a business meeting where formal attire is required.

One reason that you might prefer to wear a casual shirt is because it allows you to wear basic colors like black, white or gray. But another benefit of a casual shirt is that it enables you to wear many different colors, unlike a professional suit jacket. While a professional jacket can be purchased in a wide range of colors, you’ll still be limited to white or black. However, it’s possible to accessorize your casual wardrobe with blazers in various colors, including red, pink, yellow and various blues. These will give you a great choice when it comes to matching with your pants or khakis.

There are two main ways that a casual shirt can be worn with a pair of slacks or khakis. The first way is to pair a plain t-shirt with a pair of dark-washed pants. A dark washed pair of khakis is going to look better with a casual shirt than a light washed one, simply because the latter will tend to look boxy and too busy. If you do happen to have some darker washed pants in your closet, you could consider wearing a dark washed t-shirt underneath them to balance things out.

Another way to wear a casual shirt is with dress shirts. First of all, dress shirts tend to have better collar lines, and they also tend to be made from higher quality fabrics. This means that they will last longer, and the comfort level will be better as well. However, they are also going to have a bit more structure to them. Because of this, dress shirts can sometimes look too stiff when they first are put on. When you get them on later, however, they should feel loose and fit better.

Jeans are another option for casual wear. They are the perfect option if you are looking for something comfortable and loose. Jeans can even be worn with a dress shirt. A good pair of jeans should be worn with almost anything. However, genes don’t go well with dresses, because they will tend to look too dressy.

One trend that has been making a comeback in recent years is wearing patterns on the shoulders. For instance, one recent trend is wearing stripes on the shoulders of casual shirts. In fact, the old school of wearing stripes on the shoulders is coming back! It used to be regarded as “stylistic”, but today it has become quite fashionable. Of course, it is not very practical, but it is stylish. It is certainly worth a try!

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