Top Tips for Wearing Striped Shirts
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Top Tips for Wearing Striped Shirts

There are probably few men in the world who haven’t at some point in their life seen a striped shirt. But what is it about this type of shirt that makes it so irresistible? Is it the fact that it is so different from the rest of the ordinary kind of shirts that make it stand out? Or is it the fact that there are so many varieties available to choose from? Maybe, it’s both or maybe it’s something else entirely. Whatever the reason, striped shirt is extremely popular with men everywhere!

Now, why is a striped sweater such a favorite with men? There are many different reasons, but the main reason why they are so popular is that they go with almost anything. The reason being that, secondly, striped shirts are smart, classy and if combined correctly with the right sweater can look absolutely stunning. It can easily be worn by virtually any man, in any season. The only real rule when wearing one of these sweaters is to remember to keep the stripes on the same color all throughout the entire sweater.

Now that you know what a striped shirt is and why it is so mesmerizing, let’s take a look at the top two ways in which they are worn. The first way in which they are usually worn is by men who want to create a certain effect. For example, some people wear a striped top with a matching pair of slacks. This creates a sort of balance among the top, the jeans and the shirt. It also helps create an illusion of adding height to the person wearing the top. Of course, there are other ways that this top is worn as well, such as the classic way, when a man slips a striped sweater over his shirt.

In the last few years, there has also been the retro trend towards wearing striped patterns over and above a suit. If you think about this for a second, you’ll realize that this is not just another type of top that someone is wearing to work; it’s actually an actual shirt that is striped. As mentioned before, this can be done in a number of different ways, including by slipping an old shirt over the top. However, there’s a much better option for those who want to create a striped shirt effect without needing to use an old shirt. This option is called a tie-top.

If you don’t have a long-sleeve t-shirt, then a good option for creating a striped shirt effect is to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt that’s striped. However, if you do have a long-sleeve t-shirt, then a striped shirt isn’t going to do the trick. If the stripes on your long-sleeved t-shirt aren’t going to be long enough or wide enough, then you could always opt for a short-sleeved version instead. The short-sleeved version will still have long-sleeves, but they will be shorter than the long-sleeves. A striped shirt with long sleeves is going to look like an oversized sweater, which is one way how men choose to wear them.

Striped shirts are commonly worn as a casual or work outfit, so the way you wear them depends on the context in which you’re wearing them. For a casual or work outfit, you can pull off a striped shirt and team it with either jeans or a khaki-colored shirt, for example. You can also wear a striped shirt with a suit for a more formal look. Another great way to wear striped shirts is to pair them with a V-neck shirt, especially if you don’t want the necktie to show. V-necks allow for free movement, which helps to create an informal look that is very loose and casual.

When you want to create a striped shirt effect, you can add other color to the fabric of the shirt, such as a solid color. However, when you’re wearing a solid colored shirt, don’t wear a contrasting color on the striped shirts. Instead, choose a solid color on top of the striped shirt, such as a solid blue shirt. When you pair the two colors, you’ll end up with a blue top, which looks like the top part of a striped shirt, but has stripes underneath. This will make the shirt look more like a sweater but still appropriate for work or a business outfit.

Striped shirts can also be worn without any type of necktie. One common way of wearing a striped shirt without a tie is to leave your shirt at your belt buckle. This allows you to pull off the shirt without the tie showing, which gives the outfit more of a sporty or casual look. You can also wear a striped shirt with a plain, or neutral colored, tie. You just need to choose the right color tie to match the color of the shirt you’re wearing. Wearing a tie with a striped shirt really makes the outfit come together, and shows off both the striped shirt and the tie perfectly.

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