The History of Collar Button Up Shirts
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The History of Collar Button Up Shirts

A dress shirt, button up top, button front, or button down shirt is typically a garment with an open collar and a short full-length opening in the front, that is fastened with either shirt studs or buttons. In many cases the name of the shirt refers to the type of fastener used; for example, a button up shirt that has a button up collar or front might be called a dress shirt. There are two types of fastening that can be found on a dress shirt. The more common method is button up at the neck with two or three buttons, usually on a flap of fabric that runs from the neckline to the rest of the shirt. This form of fastening is the most traditional and the least expensive.

Other forms of fastening that can be seen on button up shirts include the more recently popular magnetic clasp or zipper fastener. These forms of fastening are popular on casual shirts or work shirts, but they do tend to leave the collar of the shirt open a bit and some people find this uncomfortable. The other type of fastening commonly used on dress shirts, whether it’s a button up top or a regular shirt is the fastening of the buttons with either zippers or snap closures. While both of these types of closure have their advantages, some people prefer the snaps over the magnets because they can be much more discreet. There are still many occasions where using snaps or buttons is appropriate.

Button up shirts tend to be quite versatile in that they can be worn with virtually any sort of outfit. In the past, they were primarily worn as work wear or business casual, but now they are worn by men and women alike, as well as children and even babies. Some of the reasons why they are so widely worn include that they are quite comfortable to wear and are easy to launder. A button up shirt collar does not hang down and can be easily adjusted when needed. They are generally constructed from a variety of materials including cotton, linen, silk and synthetic materials.

During the early times of button up shirts, they were mostly made out of cotton or linen. Modern day collars are often made from acrylic or nylon fabrics and have little or no fabric lining. It is also common to find button up shirts with snaps or snap closures. All of these options provide plenty of options for people who prefer them.

Because they tend to be fairly comfortable, button up shirts are often worn at other informal events and during more casual occasions. This means that people do tend to get a bit tired of having them on all the time. One method that many people use to remedy this is to simply remove the buttons all the way up the shirts and then wash them in the washing machine. Care should be taken to allow them to dry thoroughly before wearing.

Because there are so many styles and colors available when it comes to button up shirts, it should not be too difficult to find a style and color that you love. The collar button down shirt trend has remained steady throughout the decades and can be seen worn by both men and women. They can be worn with virtually any type of outfit and look great all the time.

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