Why We're celebrating Pink Shirt Day
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Why We’re celebrating Pink Shirt Day?

Anti-Bullying Day was established as a day when pupils wear a pink shirt to represent a stand against violence towards women, an idea which originated in Canada. It is also celebrated on different dates all over the globe. The pink shirts are often supplied by various groups and organisations to act as a sign of support and solidarity for victims of violence and to instill awareness about such issues. It’s thought that a large number of female victims of domestic violence may be too shy or embarrassed to report it as it might affect their career or future. By wearing the pink shirt, they will be able to approach and report the abuse without fear or intimidation from their abusers.

The idea behind Anti-Bullying Day was started when one school head decided to name the month after a young female student who was being bullied by two boys. As the months passed the support for the campaign grew and so did the number of organizations and individuals who decided to lend their support. Some organizations even started offering pink shirts for those who were bullied. The trend soon caught on and it seems that now everyone from police officers to teachers are wearing them during the work week and in private. Although there isn’t any evidence to show that wearing them has had a significant effect on stopping bullying, they certainly have created a noticeable and substantial difference in how those who are being bullied feel.

If you’re concerned about being attacked by someone because of your gender, colour, race or religious views, it could be worth thinking about wearing a pink shirt on International Anti-Bullying Day. There are many organizations around the world who deal with this kind of issue every year. By wearing the shirts they let people know that they are not alone and they have support from many others who are suffering from the same situation. This makes the day more worthwhile and it makes it easier for victims to recognise that they aren’t alone.

It seems that this particular cause has picked up speed recently as the February date is fast approaching. The most likely reason for this sudden increase in awareness could be theduction of Money For Nothing by sketchy internet marketers. These so called ‘pirate’ types prey upon unsuspecting victims by enticing them into giving them money for something that they don’t really have much of. These so called ‘pirates’ usually target kids who are more vulnerable and they target those whose innocence is already wearing thin due to the pressure at school or at home. February is when most kids get back from vacation and it’s also when bullies begin targeting them. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but nonetheless the pink shirt day began on the day after President Obama met with Police Officers and other leaders from across the country in hopes of dealing with bullying.

Perhaps there was a lot of hope on the way for bullying prevention when the President met with other government leaders and heads of big businesses and this is what perhaps pushed the awareness towards making social media sites do more to fight the problem. In the meeting, the President reportedly told them that if they didn’t do something about the problem, then maybe they would lose some of their customers and that would be bad for business. Many companies and people are now making great strides in the right direction with the help of social media and pink shirt days to encourage kids to speak out against bullying. In fact, one company in Australia actually made a shirt that’s all pink to allow girls to stand up against the bullying.

If you are going to celebrate something, why not choose the month of February to make it a truly special event? Why not go out to school in the blazing sunshine and to voice your concern about anti-bullying. Make a statement about the horrible bullying that happens in our schools today and invite other parents, students and teachers to come to your school to support you in your efforts. Perhaps the pink shirt day, along with the efforts of local authorities and companies like Starbucks, will give us a sign as to what we can do collectively to stop the bullying and instill in our youth the belief that is so important to them that it will be hard for them to let it go on.

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