Using Garment Screen Printing Machine for Different Types of Fabric

Using Garment Screen Printing Machine for Different Types of Fabric

A printed T shirt or graphic printed T Shirt is a T-shirt bearing either a picture, design or word on it. It is made of Cotton, polyester or another fabric and printed with inkjet printer. Printing is usually done using inkjet printer. Various kinds of printed T shirts exist.

One such kind is peel and stick printed shirts. Herein the T-Shirt is washed and dried and then the surface is peeled off and the printing done with the help of a peel and stick. The peel and stick is provided along with the printing paper. This T shirt can be personalized by etching names, logos, etc. on it.

Screen printed shirts are another kind of T Shirts that are especially popular among students. These are T shirts in which the image is printed on T-Shirts. It can be a message or the name of the company. They are very much easy to maintain and care for. The images can be printed in full color and they do not fade easily. The T shirt which is printed using this method can be washed immediately and they remain bright and fresh for a long time.

T shirts which are printed on the basis of heat transfer are called as screen printed T shirts. The material used for T shirts that are printed directly on the garment is called the print material. Various kinds of the print materials are used by us to print T shirts on. Some of the most commonly used are the Heat transfer paper, the Heat transfer fabric and the Heat transfer stencils.

Screen printing is one of the methods used for T shirts and is especially popular in the areas where the exposure to sunlight is minimal. It is also an effective method of coloring garments and other accessories using cotton. It was originally used to print the designs on the uniforms of the army. However, it soon became popular for printing clothes and accessories with logos and images of cartoon characters.

As far as the material used is concerned, the two most popular choices include the cotton and polyester. Cotton is a better choice of fabric because of its softness and the ability to absorb the ink really fast. A good number of companies manufacture printed t-shirts of various designs and the rates offered are competitively high.

The most popular variety of these T shirts are called the Dark Skin T shirts. They are manufactured using mostly natural fibers like the rayon, cotton, satin and viscose. A lot of people prefer the Dark Skin T shirts because these make them look stylish and at the same time they absorb a lot of light. These T shirts are available in a wide range of colors but people prefer to wear black, dark blue, dark brown, charcoal, gray, white, beige and light blue. Most of the companies use non-discharge printing process in order to produce these T shirts.

A lot of people prefer screen printing to screen printing. There are various reasons why T shirts became popular with the passing of time. First of all, it is very easy to produce T shirts of various colors, shapes and sizes. Second of all, it is very affordable. Thirdly, it can be worn by different people in different occasions. The screen printing industry is thriving day by day and is seeing the tremendous growth in the sales of this unique clothing item.

Screen printing was used in the ancient times as an outdoor printing method. But it is now being used as an indoor printing method in various clothing items such as T-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, slippers, shoes and many more. T-shirts are usually manufactured in large quantities considering the fact that they can be worn by a large number of people in a single occasion. This makes it an economical choice especially for companies who purchase large numbers of T-shirts for their employees.

The uses of a garment screen printing machine are many. Apart from producing stylish T-shirts, it can also be used to print out banners, signs and exhibition signs. You can even opt for full color screen printing if you want to reproduce a dazzling screen on the front side of the T-shirt. This will create a stunning impact on the onlookers. If you have to print a logo on a T-shirt, the best option would be the laminate printing process. In this case, a laminated T-shirt is used to print out the logo without using any inkjet technology.

In case you need to reproduce a wide range of T-shirts, then you should use the discharge printing process. A typical discharge printing machine comes with a screen that has numerous colored Peel film rolls on its surface. As the name suggests, when this peel film rolls are attached to a T-shirt, they will be peeled off in the desired manner and printed out in the desired colors.

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