Lacoste Tees - Where To Buy A Quality Lacoste Shirt

Lacoste Tees – Where To Buy A Quality Lacoste Shirt?

One of the major fashion trends of the decade is lacoste shirts. Lacoste is a unique fabric made from silk which has a unique shiny and waxy feel to it. While the basic Lacoste fabric is quite durable, this shiny finish makes lacoste shirts very appealing. Lacoste is the official supplier for Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Carrier as well as many other famous brands. All these brands produce various types of lacoste polo shirts for men as well as women.

Lacoste shirts feature a classic fit with the long sleeves rolled up to the elbow. They have two or three inch collar buttons with either plastic buttons at the front or metal snaps. These classic fit polo shirts have a buttoned front placket and have either front or double chest pockets. There are usually two or three small snaps on the inside of the left breast pocket and one large snap on the inside of the right breast pocket. Lacoste also makes coats using this fabric. Both the classic fit and the casual chic look can be achieved with these shirts.

Lacoste shirts feature the classic square neck in modernized crocodile and python skin. The sleeves are usually rolled up to the elbow, but they also feature snap buttons in the front and back along with a lace panel and classic square neck. A removable stretch collar is included along with the buttons, which are usually plastic or metal. Large brass snap buttons are sometimes used for additional decoration. Some of the more popular crocodile and python skin designs include the Stripe, Double Stripe, Concho and the Classic.

Another version of these shirts features long torso. This long torso is usually made using the same pattern of fabric as the short sleeves. However, the sleeves are rolled up to the elbow, and they have ribbed collar and square neck. These shirts offer a simple elegance that makes them appropriate for formal occasions. Some of the more popular long torso polo shirts include the Long Chiffon, Polo Shirt, Classic Long Chiffon and the Affluent.

Some versions of the classic polo shirt feature a classic French symbol, which has become synonymous with Lacoste shirts. In particular, the emblem of the Eiffel Tower is popular, especially since it is often worn with the Eiffel Tower lapel pin. Other popular symbols include the lion, the flag, the Celtic cross, the peace sign, the maple leaf, and the Fleur De Lis. Lacoste has created several iconic logos for their products, which include the Fleur De Lis, Maple Leaf and the Eiffel Tower.

Another classic design in Lacoste shirts are the casual and versatile short and long sleeve tees. They are popular in many circles of friends and often seen at tennis matches, concerts and other sporting events. Long sleeve tees are typically mass produced; however, there are specialty shops that create authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces for their customers. These classic polos include the Jean Paul Gaultier inspired Long Sleeve, the Jean Paul Gaultier Logo Short Sleeve, and the Jean Paul Gaultier Loxi Long Sleeve.

The Lacoste brand is synonymous with high quality products that are made in the Paris, France area. However, Lacoste is internationally renowned for its shirts designed in the style of classic polo shirts, or causal wear. These shirts often have a medium to heavyweight cotton fabric. Some of the most popular short and long sleeve variations of the brand include the Jean Paul Gaultier inspired Long Sleeve, the Jean Paul Gaultier Logo Short Sleeve and the Affluent.

All Lacoste shirts are made with a classic and trendy double-breasted construction, featuring cuffs and a collar. The polo shirt collar and buttons usually appear on one side of the shirt, with the other side of the cuffs open. There are generally five to six small buttons on the cuffs, as well as one large button at the neckline. There are no additional stitching features on the body of a Lacoste shirt nor are there any visible snaps or a V-neck line.

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