Dress Codes for Casual Shirts
Casual Shirt

Dress Codes for Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are a great way to dress up and still feel comfortable in business attire. Casual shirts were traditionally reserved for jeans, khakis, or a t-shirt. But these days they can be found in a wider variety of materials, styles, and colors. While you will still find traditional pocket and casual dress shirts, they come in new fabrics like twill, corduroy, cotton canvas, and even silk. There are also many new ways to style and color casual shirts.

Tucked or casual shirts can be worn almost anywhere. You can wear them with dress trousers for a lunch date, with jeans for a weekend outing, with a skirt for a wedding, or just about any other occasion. When you get dressed for work you want to look professional, but when you’re out socializing with friends or going to a party your appearance can change. That’s why it’s important to choose a shirt that will fit your personal style.

Tucked casual shirts tend to be more fitted and more tapered at the top. This results in the neck being more curved and square than it would be with a button down shirt. The majority of dress shirts are unbuttoned so the neckline stays flat and smooth. Tucked casual shirts tend to have more of a slimmer neckline and may have a tapered underside.

Most mens suits don’t come with a collar and it’s not necessary to wear one when wearing a shirt. But most men do because the collar is a feature that makes the shirt look more professional. Collars on mens suits are usually unbuttoned except for designer brands. To wear a collared shirt it’s simply folded over the front and it’s not necessary to button the coat. The majority of sports wear has no collars, but if you do want one you can find a buttoned version online or in some upscale stores.

While you can wear almost any kind of casual shirts there are still some rules for dressing that apply to all kinds of casual shirts. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable for you to wear a dress shirt with a pair of slacks. And it’s not a problem to wear a dress shirt with a pair of trousers. Black is the most appropriate color for dress shirts unless you’re wearing a lighter shade. In that case, go with your favorite color.

For most outfits it’s best to stick to black. You can wear other colors if you want, but you’ll want to avoid a patterned casual shirt or a polo neck sweater. These kind of outerwear won’t be appropriate for most business casual shirts. If you must wear them, select just one color and make sure it’s in white.

The rule of thumb for dress shoes is to wear them untucked. In other words, unless they have pockets, don’t button them up. The button-down look is more appropriate for formal shirts, both in casual shirts and in formal suits.

Another thing you should keep in mind when wearing a pair of sporty or casual shirts usually happens to be the fit. It’s very easy to go with a loose fit that will show every crease in your clothing. But you don’t want that either, do you? When you go with a fitted shirt, the fit is quite snug and the fabric is really nice. That way no matter how tight or puffy your clothing is, it will stay put and look good on you. So always go with a good fit and you’ll look good.

Speaking of fit, another important aspect of dressing casually comes with the choice of neckties. When you’re wearing a solid color, your necktie should be one that doesn’t have a lot of movement. The better the fit, the better it will look. You can choose from many different necktie styles as well. For a casual look, you might opt for a casual tie with a plain stripe or something with a pattern that’s printed. A casual shirt collar also works well and can give you a more casual look.

Another thing to remember when you’re out dressing is the choice of footwear. When you dress casually, shoes can be as important as clothing. Choose casual shirts with comfortable, breathable socks. Don’t wear chambray shoes or sandals with these kinds of shirts because they’ll give you an awkward appearance. And don’t wear cowboy boots with a pair of casual shirts either, even if the shirt has a cowboy design on it.

Casual shirts are great for work clothes but they need to be dressed in a slightly different way than other types of shirts. Because they’re usually less formal, you can wear them with jeans, khakis, or other casual clothing for a day at work. But they also don’t work very well with dress pants, jeans, or a t-shirt and sweater combo for a night out on the town. As long as you’re wearing something comfortable, you can dress these types of casual shirts in almost any way you want. Casual shirts tend to be less formal than formal ones, which makes them perfect for more casual occasions.

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