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A blue shirt has always been worn by many revolutionary youth groups as a unique symbol to signify their membership in the labor movement as blue is an widely used color of clothing workwear. This type of shirt comes in a variety of colors and has long been in use by the labor movement. Even though there have been varying forms of the blue shirt revolutionary logo, the classic one consists of a blue background with a red or blue patch that is sewn onto the shirt’s collar.

The tradition of wearing blue shirts during the revolution began during the birth of the republic when workers would put on these shirts to identify themselves with their revolutionary groups. It is believed that the royal blue t-shirt was created when King George III ordered all British subjects to wear white clothing during the war. A blue and white checkered cloth was sewn onto the royal blue t-shirt and the new blue shirts became a symbol of solidarity for the British labor movement. Blue was also sewn onto the army green coats of the American Revolution era. This tradition continues today amongst workers and students as they wear their blue shirts to show their association with an organization.

Although some might claim that this blue shirt represents revolutionary groups or labor movements, it is not actually related to any particular political party. During the Cold War era, the iconic blue t-shirt continued to be worn by both the American Red Cross and the American Legion. However, it was not until the 1970s that the symbol became associated with either group. In fact, many people mistakenly believe that wearing a blue shirt with the American Red Cross is acceptable, while the legion does not approve this style of t-shirt usage. In actuality, neither the American Red Cross nor the American Legion endorses any political party.

Regardless of how this style of shirt became associated with either political party, there are certain historical facts which must be examined. During World War II, the United States military was extremely reliant on canvas. The military needed t-shirts for the protection of their service personnel and their gear was made from canvas, especially on the beaches. When the National Guard was called out for deployment into locations in more extreme weather conditions, the men would wear canvas combat trousers instead of their shirts. The blue shirts worn by these service members were not always the same color, as the shirts were washed and pressed according to the colors used in combat. The closest match that can be found for a blue shirt in terms of a tri-blend canvas 3413 is the close fit camo type shirt that the military men commonly wore.

These trousers have ties on the sides and were often washed and ironed according to the color scheme of the units they were deployed to. Many of these canvas combat trousers have been in existence since the Second World War and are still being worn by members of the military. Recently, some companies have introduced the next level 3600 Blue Shirt, a close fit white cotton shirt that has had the cotton dyed blue so that it has a blue undertone.

The Royal Blue T-shirt, known as the blazers, were made famous by members of both the British Army and Royal Air Force who were stationed in Vietnam and Cambodia during the height of the war. Many members of the R.A.F. dressed in blue shirts with white collar blazers or badges. These uniforms were known as blue shirts because they were navy blue shirts when they were new and faded to white when they became frayed after exposure to the air and water.

The next level 3600 blue was introduced as an American-made fabric with a slightly different shade of blue than the original tri-blend fabric. This cool blue fabric material is similar to Denim but it has a warmer feel than its denim counterpart. The material also offers the benefit of having almost full sleeves and a straight fit. This cool blue shirt offers a great deal of versatility when one is looking for the perfect summer casual shirt.

In recent years, the United States Army has also taken to sporting the next level 3600 range of men’s light blue shirts with white collar blazers and cap badges. Although the United States Army is not the first branch of the United States Military to wear this popular color pattern; the fact that it is a popular choice amongst members of the military is a proven fact. It is for this reason that we find the United States armed forces to be very well-known for their choice in fashion.

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